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Special Onsite Packages 

These packages include first year membership at a reduced rate PLUS onsite registration to ESGE Days.
Please note the packages are only available to new members of ESGE and ESGENA and are not available to existing members renewing their membership.
Industry representatives are currently not eligible for membership to ESGE and ESGENA.

ESGE Member Package

ESGE Trainee Package ESGENA Nurse Package
ESGE Days 2024 Registration + ESGE Membership  ESGE Days 2024 Registration + ESGE Trainee Membership

Proof of trainee status in 2024 required. Please have the completed Trainee Letter Confirmation as pdf ready. 
ESGE Days 2024 + ESGENA Individual Membership


Residents of countries with HDI less than 0.7 (LDC-United Nations 2022) are eligible for a 60% discount on the non-member rates. Please click here to apply for your reduced registration.


If you are an exhibitor, please contact Natalia.Dubinova@esge.com for assistance with your registration.